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Dance Mirchi was Visweta’s production for 2011. Proceeds from the show benefited Udavum Karangal.Check photo gallery.

Visweta did its first annual show aptly named Srishti where vibrant dancers met artistic creations. It was a collection of different dance styles to songs from various south Indian languages. It brought to light the creative talents of many kids and adults for a very noble cause. Proceeds from this show benefited Association for India's Development (A.I.D), a non-profit organization working for betterment of underprivileged people in India. Check photo gallery.


Masala was Visweta’s production for 2013. Proceeds from the show benefited Aram Sei.Check photo gallery

FOURs - All good things come in packets of four, they say. Four seasons, four directions... even the Beatles were the Fab Four. FOURS was Visweta's fourth production, with an unique combination of passionate dancing, breathtaking production and humorous theater. Proceeds from the show benefitted Sharing Tree.Check photo gallery

Here comes visweta's next avatar on May 6th and 7th. Yes aVatar it is, carrying a promise of precious moments.

Vibrant, spirited performances by awe inspiring dancers. Our choregraphers provide great deal of varieties and adventures as usual. It's all about life, love, longing, dreams, desire, memory etc.

aVatar - water n land. This is an opportunity that you don't want to miss! So save the date and be there to experience the excellence. This show will benefit CHES project of Upakriti, ensuring education continuity for underprivileged children.

Friday May 6th, 7:00pm

Saturday May 7th, 1:00pm and 4:30pm

Ticket price: $20

Visweta thanks our current sponsors.

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Who we are

Visweta is a dance performing group in bay area founded in 2008. Every year Visweta has been performing dance shows and donates the proceeds of the shows to non-profit organizations supporting projects that bring valuable benefits to the community.

Visweta is the brain-child of Arumugam and Venkateswari.

Arumugam is inspired by arts in any form. Dancing, singing, acting and artwork are a few of those that captivates his interest.

Arumugam learnt Bharathanatyam under the tutelage of Mrs.Pushkala and then from Mr.Srinivas and finally from Mrs.Santha Bhaskar, Singapore. He also learnt the traditional folk dances of Tamil Nadu like Karagam, Kaavadi, Mayilaattam and Oyilaattam from Mr.Srinivas. Arumugam is trained in cine folk dance as well. He learnt acting by being a member of a drama troupe "Vaanjinadhan Nadagak Kuzhu".

Arumugam has won the inter state dance competition and maintained the first place consecutively for the next 3 years. As part of his dance school, he has received awards from the then Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi and also from the then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr.M.G.Ramachandran.

He has given Bharathanatyam stage performances in many parts of India, Singapore and Malaysia.


Visweta has successfully conducted and performed 4 major shows in the last few years. Its next show is scheduled for May 6th & 7th, 2016 in Dublin, CA

The first show was “Srishti” in 2010. It was a charity event that benefited Association for India’s Development (AID).

The second show by Visweta was “Dance Mirchi” in 2011. This event benefited Udavum Karangal.

The third show was “Masala” in March, 2013 at the Woodside Performing Arts Center. This event benefitted Aram Sei, a charity supporting grassroots organizations throughout the world.

The fourth show, “FOURS”, was on April 11th and 13th, 2014 at the Woodside Performing Arts Center. This show benefitted Sharing Tree, a charity supporting grassroots organizations in India.